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Property to rent Sotogrande long lets

Sotogrande is an upmarket holiday resort located between Gibraltar and Malaga. It is primarily suited to golfers and keen sportsmen and women, as it offers a wide range of activities and health treatments. It was built by an American, Joseph McMicking, in the 1960s. He fell in love with the breathtaking views and his aim was to create a centre for tourism that was calm and serene, yet near enough to the airports in the region.

Main Tourist Attractions

With no less than three golf courses surrounding the resort, it is a haven for those who love the game of golf. Other sporting facilities are available including horse riding, tennis, squash and polo. Sotogrande has its own beach for relaxing on as well as watersports such as kayaking and sailing. The area around Sotogrande is a nature reserve and visitors can take guided walks or simply follow the notice boards that give information on the beautiful plants and trees. The college located at the resort regularly holds concerts and Flamenco dancing displays.

Shopping Opportunities

Due to its exclusivity as a resort, shopping in Sotogrande could be considered limited in comparison to other Costa del Sol resorts. It has all the facilities to cater for its visitors including holiday necessities and the token gifts or souvenirs. There is a market held twice a week offering visitors the opportunity to purchase souvenirs, craft items and antiques. For serious shoppers, the commercial haven of Estepona is approximately twenty five minutes from Sotogrande. Many tourists also take the short journey by ferry to Gibraltar to shop in the boutiques and bazaars. Day trips to nearby historic San Roque are also common. Here you will find attractions including the ruins of old Roman settlements and forts.

Eating out and Nightlife

Sotogrande has several bars, cafs and restaurants spread throughout the resort. Several restaurants offer fine dining and are located in the hotels. Down by the beach you will find beach bars offering light cuisine for visitors enjoying the beach. There is a range of traditional Spanish fare available including seafood as well as a variety of international cuisine. Many establishments offer healthy options for those undertaking health treatments at the resort.

Although there are no discos or nightclubs to speak of, the marina area of Sotogrande is a lively affair during the evening. The bars and restaurants situated here offer delicious food, fine wines and a range of live entertainment for visitors to savour.
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