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Marbella Centre is usually better known as the Old Town part of Marbella. It is the heart of Marbella and is a typical representation of the traditional Spanish cobbled streets and whitewashed houses. It is easy to feel that you are in a small Spanish village instead of a part of a bustling cosmopolitan town.

Main Tourist Attractions

One of the main reasons for visiting Marbella Centre is the range of beautiful historic buildings. There is the Town Hall which dates back to the 16th century, as well as the Church de la Encarnacion, which has one of the most important and impressive church organs in the whole of Spain. The old Moorish castle ruins in the centre are an insight into the history of this previously small Spanish village. Marbella Centre is littered with plazas or squares which have quaint gardens and fountains to enjoy. One of the most popular with tourists is the Plaza de los Naranjos, the Square of the Orange Trees. This area houses the historic town hall, has restaurants and cafs as well as lines of orange trees. La Alameda Park is a lush, green getaway where you can take a tour of the park or town on a horse and carriage.

Shopping Opportunities

Marbella Centre is where you will find a mixture of family-run boutiques and traditional Spanish stores that the locals use, as well as some shops specifically designed to house the shopping demands of visitors to Marbella. Many items including leather goods, art, pottery, ceramics, souvenirs and clothing can be bought in this area. The nearby Golden Mile has a range of designer clothing shops and offers jewellery, perfume, watches and shoes.

Eating out and Nightlife

The centre of Marbella has a lot to offer in terms of dining out. Most of the Old Town part of Marbella focuses on enjoying the traditional Spanish dishes but does cater for those who like international cuisine including British, French and Italian. Marbella centre is the perfect place to relax and unwind in with a glass of wine and some delicious seafood in the evening. Other parts of Marbella, which are easily accessible from Marbella centre, are the places to go to enjoy the bars, discos and nightclubs until the early hours of the next morning.

Nearby Puerto Banus has a casino and many bars along its marina where you can be entertained with live music, cabaret and even try your hand at karaoke.

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