Guadalmina Alta 

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Guadalmina Alta is an urbanised area located in the vicinity of the Guadalmina Golf resort. It is approximately 1 kilometre from San Pedro de Alcantara and 12 kilometres from Marbella. The urbanisation is a mix of stylish apartments and opulent townhouses which are set in a peaceful location but is close to all of the amenities and activities that the area has to offer.

Main Tourist Attractions

Guadalmina Alta is superbly located for golf courses. Minutes away is the second oldest golf resort in the Costa del Sol, Guadalmina Golf Club. It has two challenging courses and a 9 hole practice course for those who are new to the game. There are several other championship courses located nearby. The beach is only a short walk away and is a popular place for doing water sports such as diving, windsurfing and jet skiing. Other sporting activities available in the immediate area of Guadalmina Alta include tennis, horse riding, football and badminton. Between Guadalmina and San Pedro de Alcantara is The Vaults, a Roman bath house, alongside which runs the remains of a Roman aqueduct. San Pedro also has a 6th century basilica and a necropolis with over 200 ancient tombs. Puerto Banus is located approximately 10 minutes from Guadalmina Alta and has a stunning marina with over 300 berths. There is also a multiplex cinema and a marine observatory for visitors to enjoy.

Shopping Opportunities

Shopaholics will be pleased to hear that a short walk to the centre of Guadalmina will provide the chance to browse the shops in the Guadalmina shopping centre. Here you can purchase items such as clothing, shoes, toys, jewellery, ceramics, art and linen. San Pedro has a small range of shops and holds an outdoor market every Thursday. Puerto Banus has a shopping centre and a precinct with many designer boutiques and internationally renowned clothing shops. Marbellas Golden Mile is a short drive away and has an abundance of classy outlets and fashionable shops.

Eating out and Nightlife

The urbanised area of Guadalmina Alta is close enough to enjoy a range of cafes, restaurants and bars in the heart of Guadalmina itself. There is a range of menus to choose from, catering for Spanish cuisines and those from countries such as India, China and Britain. Puerto Banus and San Pedro also have a wide variety of eateries to stop for a bite to eat.

There are no discos or nightclubs in Guadalmina Alta. A typical evening consists of sitting on the terrace, enjoying the spectacular views and company with a drink in hand. For those who prefer a livelier nightlife, Puerto Banus and Marbella have a host of establishments with live entertainment, live music and karaoke.
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