Casares Playa 

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Property to rent Casares Playa

Casares Playa is an urbanised area located between Puerto du la Duquesa and the village of Sabinillas. The beautiful village of Casares lies to the north of the area and Casares Playa is a great base for exploring the major attractions that this part of the Costa del Sol has to offer. The mixture of townhouses, villas and apartments offer stunning sea and mountain views.

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Main Tourist Attractions

The area has several private swimming pools for guests to enjoy and is perfect for those who love the game of golf. There is the La Finca Cortesin course on the doorstep and several other championship courses in the immediate area. Nearby Sotogrande presents the opportunity to do some horse riding and play a game of polo. Puerto du la Duquesa has tennis and squash courts to enjoy. There are many beaches in the area, the closest of which is located at the village of Sabinillas. You can simply relax in the sun or take part in some water sports such as diving, parasailing or windsurfing. Fishing is also a popular pastime here and there are many fishing competitions held throughout the year. Sotogrande also backs onto a nature reserve, so nature lovers can walk through the area marvelling at the array of flora and fauna on display.

Shopping Opportunities

Casares Playa is ideally situated for shopping and there are many shops and retail outlets within walking distance. Sabinillas has a range of interesting shops and holds a gastro, the equivalent of a car boot sale, every Friday and Sunday. Puerto du la Duquesa has many small shops where you will find holiday essentials and some great gifts. Sotogrande is home to the Sotomarket which has many outlets offering goods such as clothing, leather goods, shoes, locally crafted jewellery and embroidered linen. A short drive to Estepona presents shopaholics with the opportunity to browse the two main precincts, Calle Real and Calle Terraza.

Eating out and Nightlife

There are several restaurants and cafs located in Casares Playa, which have a range of Spanish delicacies and international favourites. Nearby Sabinillas has many seafood restaurants and plenty of cafes and bars serving Tapas. Puerto du la Duquesa has some upmarket restaurants for that special evening meal.

The nightlife at Casares Playa is very subdued and it is usual to spend most evenings relaxing with some good food and a bottle of wine. Sabinillas has some bars which provide live music and entertainment; they are open until the early hours of the morning. For a more vibrant scene, Puerto Banus and Estepona are within easy reach and are a bit livelier.

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