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Property to rent Calahonda long lets

The resort of Calahonda is located 10 minutes from Marbella and is an ideal base to go exploring the attractions in the Costa del Sol area. It was purpose built as a resort in 1963 and has won many awards over the years including one for Best Spanish Urbanisation. Although it is a developed area, the designer was keen on green space and so there is an abundance of grassy areas to make use of.
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Main Tourist Attractions

The main attractions of Calahonda include the fabulous golf courses - all ten of them! The clean, sandy beaches are popular with families, watersport enthusiasts and divers, who may enjoy looking at the artificial reefs located at either end of Cabopino Beach. There are also several sport and leisure complexes where you can play tennis, badminton and workout in the state-of-the-art gym. Other facilities such as cinemas and bowling alleys are available at the commercial centres. There are also many fiestas held throughout the year in the surrounding area which are fun, vibrant and definitely worth a visit.

Shopping Opportunities

With three main commercial centres, Calahonda is a shopaholics delight! As well as the usual supermarkets to buy fresh food, there is a wealth of shops to cater for fashion and clothing at excellent prices. You will also find hardware shops, boutiques, hairdressers, garden supplies and businesses that offer gifts which are the perfect souvenir to take home. There are also local traditional Spanish flea markets held in the towns and villages surrounding Calahonda. Here you will find authentic gift ideas such as jewellery, leather goods and local arts & crafts. If you can learn to haggle well, you may just pick yourself up a bargain!

Eating out and Nightlife

Most of the opportunities for eating in Calahonda can be found in any of the three commercial centres. There are at least 45 restaurants and numerous cafs and bars to be found within the centres themselves. The restaurants and cafs are a mix of flavours including authentic Spanish, with a range of international cuisine to choose from. You will also find a range of restaurants, bars and cafs at the Cabopino Marina.

The nightlife of Calahonda is energetic and busy. There are several nightclubs to dance the night away in, then walk to your hotel in the early hours. Some of the clubs put on live music and even have traditional flamenco dancing shows.

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